Maikusama's Fate/stay night Tv Review

Rated: 8

Though the conclusion of the anime was quite predictable, I did enjoy watching the series. The action was what kept me hooked. Again, being based off a H-game there wasn't really anything too great expected, however for those of you who stopped watching Naruto and/or Bleach due to fillers, you can choose to pick up this series to help cope with the missing action from your viewing library for the time being.

The anime itself was not strictly all action, there were parts of humor, parts that were saddening, and parts where only dialogue was very intruiging. In the end, I'm sure those who start and finish the series will be fairly impressed with the final product. There was always something happening each episode and at the end kept me wanting to watch the next one as soon as I could.

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Maikusama's Shakugan no Shana Tv Review

Rated: 9

Shakugan no Shana has quite an interesting concept it's based around, and the anime as a whole is able to build on this uniqueness to bring a very enjoyable series. Although it is probably classified as an Action anime, the entire series is actually comprised of a mix of genres, which helps it to achieve a higher level than regular action animes. Character development helps to enhance the already interesting plot/storyline and is a big part of the anime's success. Had the anime been based around a less action-oriented storyline, the characters and the anime itself would have been just another boring cliche.

To sum everything up, this is series (and melon bread!) is definetly worth giving a shot.

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